October Rider of the Month: Roger Lovett


October Rider of the Month

Roger Lovett

Roger recently joined SDBC but has been a long time racer!

1. What is your profession/job title?

I am the owner and chief mechanic at Bernie's Bike Shop in Ocean Beach in operation for nearly 30 years. Because I am 6'4'', I developed my own racing frames because nothing fit me!

2. Which SDBC team are you on?

Masters Road, Track and Mountain Bike Teams.

3. What's your go-to song to pump you up before a race?

I don't listen to music before racing - yeah, I know, I am old school.

4. Do you have any goofy rituals you do before/during/after riding?

I roll around and talk to everyone then when the race starts, I am usually the guy in the back.

5. What’s your favorite meal to eat after a long ride?

Jack in the Box tacos.

6. What’s your favorite race and why?

Points Race on the velodrome - because it is more an endurance race with many opportunities for scoring so it is exciting to watch.

7. How did you find out about SDBC?

I raced against SDBC as a junior, but SCBC has always had a great prescence in the racing community. I joined recently after a long break from USAC racing.

8. What’s your favorite flavor of Fluid?

Blueberry Pomegranate.

8. Anything else you would like to share?

I am looking forward to participating in the UCI Masters Track Worlds competition.

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