Women's Cat 4/5 Team

The SDBC Women's Team welcomes women who are new to racing as well as those who race in elite and masters categories.

2019 SDBC Cat 4/5 Team

Our aim is to enhance the enjoyment, camaraderie and fun of bicycle riding by building skills and fitness for racing. We seek to provide a supportive team environment by working together to develop racing skills, team tactics, peleton etiquette & safety, and overall health and fitness. If you like riding your bike and the fitness it brings, you will discover that the challenge of racing will take your experience to a new level.

If you are interested in racing, whether novice or experienced, or would like to be added to the Team Roster, please contact Team Director Esther Walker for more information.

2018 Team Rosters

Cat 4/5

2019 SDBC Women's Race Team

  • Edely Alarcon
  • Salma Alarcon
  • Riikka Aramo
  • Pamela Ban
  • Abiu Camarena
  • Jessica Check
  • Vivian Fong
  • Josie Fouts
  • Molly Gabbard
  • Chelsea Jan
  • Kim Jaya
  • Emily Lathrop
  • Angela Lee
  • Beril Polat
  • Sofia Schugar
  • Dana Song
  • Ella Stimson
  • Katie Thralls
  • Lan Tran
  • Kirsten Van Fossen

2015 Barrio Logan Grand Prix

2016 Roger Millikan Criterium

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