Men's Cat 4/5 Team

The category 4/5 team is focused on exposing riders to racing and developing skills to become more confident and successful on the bike. The team focuses on maintaining an environment built on a foundation of teamwork and comradery. Brand new racers will learn about racing tactics and racing as a cohesive unit while developing their fitness and bike handling skills through a variety of clinics and race simulations organized by the club. More experienced riders will work to build on their skills in order to gather enough points to upgrade to the category 3 level.

The 2017 season was a huge success for the team. The team’s development showed in their racing results; totaling in 43 Top 10 finishes, 11 podiums, and 16 incredible victories. Furthermore, nearly all the brand new racers were able to upgrade to the category 4 level by the middle of the season, highlighting the team’s passion and commitment to racing.

For 2018, the team is primed and ready to build on this success of the previous season with a fresh new roster of category 5 riders as well as some new additions to the already strong category 4 team.

We are always actively looking for new and experienced racers to join us. For information about the Men’s Cat 4/5 team or if you are interested in racing with us, please contact the Team Director Kevin Festini.


2019 Cat 4 Team

  • Jason Ryan

  • Jonathan Miller

  • Graham Johnson

  • Jason White

  • James Burthe

  • Daniel Gizinski

  • Jed Villanueva

  • Matt Durand

  • Fernando Hernandez

  • Conrad McGarry

  • Joshua Bonnici

  • Patrick Sullivan

  • Robert Davis

  • Tom McCarthy

2019 Cat 5 Team

  • Juan Pablo Chavez

  • Greg Clunies

  • David Francis

  • Nick Deschamps

  • Jacob Pevehouse

  • Peter McEvoy

  • Augusto Vega

  • Danny Diaz

  • Scott Walters

  • Sam Ilakkad

  • Jo De LaCruz

  • Jacob Berg

  • Josh Boyer

2019 SDBC Cat 4 Team

2019 SDBC Cat 5 Team

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