SDBC Clothing

2019 Jersey - Click to enlarge

The Pactimo Clothing Store is open!

SDBC clothing is ordered through the Pactimo clothing store.  If this is your first time ordering clothing from Pactimo, you will need to create a personal account. 

To Order SDBC Clothing:

  1. Check your sizing here

  2. Go to the Pactimo Team Order site

  3. Enter the SDBC team password: studloop2java

  4. Enter your Pactimo Login and personal password, if you already have a personal account or click "register as a Pactimo user" to create an account

2019 Summer Jersey - Click to enlarge

Check the Weekly Update for ongoing order information. The deadline for the first order is 12/6/2018, and expected delivery date in late January. If you miss a deadline, a new order usually starts up within a few days.

2019 clothing is now available in the Team Store.

Please be sure of your sizing. Pactimo and SDBC are NOT responsible if you order the wrong size. Use the Pactimo Custom Clothing sizing chart to check clothing sizes.


A Note On Pricing

The clothing committee worked very hard in negotiating prices with Pactimo.  Despite almost across-the-board price increases on garments, we're keeping the prices of many popular items the same as last year. In cases where we have raised prices, we have kept the increase as small as possible.

Thanks for being a Valued Member to the Club and Cycling Community

Nick Jones - SDBC Clothing Director 


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