December Riders of the Month: Kim Jaya & Maison Chen

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December Riders of the Month

Kim Jaya & Maison Chen

Kim and Maison are SDBC's power couple!

1. What is your profession/job title?

Maison: Radiologist at Kaiser.

Kim: Occupational medicine physician at Kaiser.

2. Which SDBC team are you on?

M: Men’s Cat 3.

K: Women’s team.

3. What's your go-to song to pump you up before a race?

M: Most of the time, I am getting the kids ready for their races before my own race. Instead of songs, I just yell at them.

K: Maison’s yelling pumps me up.

4. Do you have any goofy rituals you do before/during/after riding?

M: No. I am NORMAL.

K: I change my socks right before my races. It’s all about the socks.

5. What’s your favorite meal to eat after a long ride?

M: Fried chicken, fried chicken sandwiches. Anything fried.

K: Whatever is in the fridge.

6. What’s your favorite race and why?

M: Belgian Wafer Ride. I am getting too old and too scared in crit races. Belgian Wafer feels like a long cross race, which I also enjoy racing in. Also, because Kim likes it and we can do it together.

K: Belgian Wafer Ride. I like riding on the road and in the dirt. The race combines the best of two worlds.

7. How did you find out about SDBC?

M: When I moved to San Diego 7 years ago, I didn’t know anybody. On a Saturday morning, I was riding on San Diguieto and got passed by the A ride. I sat on the group and found out about the club through the other riders. I decided to join because my favorite color is green and the team has a green kit.

K: Maison.

8. What’s your favorite flavor of Fluid??

M: Blueberry pomegranate.

K: Same.

9. Anything else you would like to share?

M: Despite the change in team color, I have decided to stay with the team because of the friends I have made.

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