March Rider of the Month: Chris Besaw

Chris Besaw

March Rider of the Month

Chris Besaw

1. What’s your go-to song to pump you up before a race?

Anything Kygo.

2. Do you have any goofy rituals you do before/during/after riding?

Not necessarily goofy, but it is an absolute requirement for me to get a good stretch in after every ride or race. I find that I stiffen up and won’t be ready to go next time if I miss it.

3. What’s your favorite meal to eat after a long ride?

Thai Red Curry with brown rice.

4. What’s your favorite race and why?

My favorite race is the Tuscon Bicycle Classic. I love stage races, and this one is such a blast. The TT is a short-lung blasting course, and the circuit race has some punchy rollers, which makes for an extremely tough race. In 2017, the team came together and executed a perfect race strategy to take home the GC which made for a memorable race that won’t soon be forgotten.

5. How did you find out about SDBC?

I moved out to San Diego from Wisconsin 3 years ago and joined another local club, and Wells reached out after a few of the races and suggested I join the SDBC racing team, as there was a full 1-2 racing team.

6. What’s your favorite flavor of Fluid?

Definitely the Passion Fruit Tea!!

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