Fluid Team Order

Make sure to take advantage of a team order with deep discounts (40% off retail prices) and get the nutrition you need with huge savings! Hurry up, the special online order starts March 20th and endsApril 3rd.

Fluid is proud to be an official sponsor of SDBC. We make premium electrolyte and recovery drinks to help you stay hydrated, energized, focused, and feeling great again tomorrow. Fluid products are low in sugar, lactose free, gluten free, and made 100% in the USA. Here is a brief product overview:

Fluid Performance - Before/During training & competition

  • Dual Source Energy System for rapid absorption & sustained energy.
  • Bioavailable Electrolytes to prevent cramping, buffer lactic acid, & enhance performance.
  • Great Taste - Blueberry, Pomegranate, Raspberry Lemonade, Passion Fruit Tea (contains caffeine), and Fresh Citrus!

Fluid Recovery - After training & competition

  • Whey Protein Isolate for lean muscle growth.
  • L-Glutamine for tissue repair and immunity.
  • Complex + Simple carbs for glycogen replenishment.
  • Great Taste - Tropical Escape, Berry Treasure, Chocolate Wave.

Ordering instructions:

1.Go to store.livefluid.com

2.Stock up on all your favorite goods.

3.Click "Proceed to Checkout" button.

4.Use code "SDBC" to get your discount.

5.Enter UC Cyclery’s address in the "Ship To" address fields.
8715 Villa La Jolla Dr, La Jolla, Ca 92037

6.Select "Local Pickup SLO" so that you don't pay for shipping.

7.Check out & write "SDBC TEAM ORDER" in the shipping details area.

7.Your Fluid will be available for pickup at UC Cyclery startingApril 7th.

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