Fiesta Island Time Trials


Fiesta Island Time Trials is San Diego's original time trial series since 1998, sponsored by San Diego Bicycle Club. For 2016 series, our title sponsor UC Cyclery will provide onsite mechanical support, and prizes.  We'll continue to use for online registration, timing, and results to streamline the process. Racers and fans will be able to track results in real time on a mobile device. 

Top six finishers in each category will be eligible to earn points towards series competition. Prizes and awards will be given to series winners at the last race of the season in November. 

You may sign up each race individually, or sign up for the entire series to receive 15% discount. The registration fee for 20K is $33 for adults, and $17 for juniors. Fees for tandems and 40K are $45. All prices include processing fees. No other hidden charges.

Join all the competitors to see who can ride the quickest 20K, improve the most, or log your best PR. Single riders, tandems, and teams all compete for top honors and island records.

There are 150 riders maximum per day, and the event sells out very early. Entry is on a first come, first served basis. Sign up early on

Photo courtesy of Pink Shorts Photography

Photo courtesy of Pink Shorts Photography


The event starts promptly at 7:00 am. An air horn at the start line will announce the beginning of the event. Riders start every 30 seconds.


Fiesta Island is as flat as it gets. There is no more than 10 feet of rise on the course per lap. All riders, except young juniors, do three laps on the 'long' course to complete a distance of 20k.

Race Categories

  • Juniors

  • Men (Age group and Category)

  • Women (Age group and Category)

  • Masters

  • Recumbent / Tandem / Para Cyclists

  • 40K Individual TT

  • 40K Team TT

  • Modern Merckx

  • Classic Merckx

  • Fixie


Helmets are always required while on the bike. Absolutely no drafting. If passing another rider, announce your intentions. No follow vehicle allowed.



From Interstate I-5, north or south, exit Sea World Drive.  Sea World Drive is approximately 5 miles north of downtown San Diego.  Go west on Sea World drive to the first signal. Turn right on Mission Bay Drive and take an immediate left to enter of the island. Parking and registration are on the right before you enter the island.


We always need help with this event!  If you'd like to volunteer, please click here.



Results for FITT events are here

For questions about the Fiesta Island Time Trial series, please contact our FITT Director



Course Records

According to historical records of cycling Time Trial events obtained through and the SDBC FITT data since SDBC began coordinating the event (March 2013). Records documented here have been verified with the San Diego Bicycle Club Historian, Ralph Elliot. If you have records of faster times, please send Ralph an email at

Category Name Time Date
Individual Time Trial (iTT)
Fastest Junior Girl (7k) Cheyenne Comer 11:20 03/17/2013
Fastest Junior Boy (7k) Sawyer Dann 11:20 10/14/2018
Fastest Junior Girl (13k) Natalie Wang 24:27 10/14/2018
Fastest Junior Boy (13k) Austin Croyet 19:11 03/17/2013
Fastest Junior Girl (20k) Makayla Macpherson 31:25 03/11/2018
Fastest Junior Boy (20k) Efren Flores 26:10 9/28/2014
Fastest Woman (20k) Leah Thomas 25:35 4/14/2019
Fastest Man (20k) Sam Boardman 24:07 10/14/2018
Fastest Woman (40k) Leah Thomas 56:37 3/11/2018
Fastest Man (40k) Kevin Festini 52:22.6 09/9/2018
Team Time Trial (TTT) Category
Fastest Women’s Team (20k) SDBC
28:10 5/21/2017
Fastest Men’s Team (20k) House of D
25:53 04/30/2000
Fastest Mixed Team (20k) Rancho’s
27:55 04/30/2000
Fastest Woman’s Team (40k) HiTech Bikes
Fastest Men’s Team (40k) Cycling Science
48:51 09/08/2007
Fastest Mixed Team (40k) Bloc and Friends
Tandem Category
Fastest Two-Woman Tandem (20k) Rinard/Brian 28:02 10/24/1999
Fastest Two-Man Tandem (20k) Coates/Plummer 24:46 05/06/2001
Fastest Mixed Tandem (20k) Landys/Murray 25:33 11/15/2015
Fastest Adult/Junior Tandem (20k) Wong/Wong 32:52 10/12/2008
Records of Events no longer held
Fastest Woman (33k) Jeannie Longo 46:04
Fastest Man (33k) Geoffrey Rapoport 44:14
Fastest Two Woman Tandem (33k) Padilla/Maes 52:52
Fastest Two Man Tandem (33k) Aguirre/Demarchi 44:40
Fastest Mixed Tandem (33k) Cambell-Cunefare/House 44:53 09/27/2003
Miscellaneous Categories
Fastest Recumbent (With Fairing) (20k) Eric Hollenbeck 23:05 05/06/2001
Fastest Recumbent (Without Fairing) (20k) Nerius Landys 24:23 04/26/2015
Fastest Handcycle Man (20k) Oz Sanchez 30:33 02/07/2016
Fastest Handcycle Woman (20k)
*Fastest Merckx Man (20k) Noah Slack 27:26.2 09/25/2016
*Fastest Classic Merckx Man (20k) >= 2016 Jimmy Brunner 31:46 04/14/2019
*Fastest Modern Merckx Man (20k) >= 2017 Peter Gierga 28:54 04/15/2018
*Fastest Merckx Man (20k)
Standard Road bike w/o Aero bars
*Fastest Merckx Woman (20k) Kelly Smith 36:10 02/02/2014
*Fastest Merckx Woman (20k) <= 2016 Esther Walker 31:37 11/06/2016
*Fastest Merckx Woman (20k)
Standard Road bike w/o Aero bars
Fastest Handcycle (2 laps) Robin Rogers 45:04 02/11/2001
Fastest Male Paracyclist (20k) Oscar Sanchez 28:56 4/15/2018
Fastest Female Paracyclist (20k) Jill Walsh 34:21 04/10/2016
Fastest Elliptical Man (13k - 2 Laps) Rick Bienias 21:22 09/28/2014
Fastest Elliptical Woman (13k - 2 Laps) Mary Decker Slaney 25:33 09/28/2014
*These categories are self-declared. Merckx equipment may be variable. **As of 4/2016 Modern Merckxx definition: Standard road bike, 60mm wheel maximum, aero road helmet allowed (no TT helmets), modern aero road bar allowed (no aero extensions), no disc wheels. Fairings, hidden or repositioned brake calipers, hydration options: Only if bike has them as original equipment, (no customization).

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