Master's Team

The SDBC Masters Team includes riders ages 35 and up from all categories. Masters races provide high quality racing with a consistent and tactical style that allows cyclists of different abilities to contribute to a team effort.  Our goals for 2017-2018 are to build the number of active SDBC Masters racers, develop core groups of racers in each discipline, and accumulate points in the SoCal Cup series.

Riders in all categories who are interested in Masters racing can contact Team Director Andy Gurney at for more information.


2018 Team Roster

  • Andy Gurney (Director)
  • Mike Chavarria
  • Terry Corl
  • Peter Dufour
  • Victor Hupp
  • Roger Lovett
  • Leon Mack
  • James Perren
  • David Ries
  • Didier Sagan
  • James Swigart
  • Troy Underwood
  • Wells Wang
  • Michael Yuhas
  • Tim Perkins

2014 Red Trolley Criterium - Courtesy Kawika Photography

2013 Red Trolley Criterium - Our favorite photographer Kawika Ohumukini!

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