Saturday Rides



UC Cyclery  8715 Villa La Jolla Dr, La Jolla, CA  92121. 


8:30 AM every Saturday.  Please assemble prior to 8:30 AM in the parking area noted below.  

All rides are open to public. First timers are encouraged to start with one of the developmental groups to learn pack riding skills.  For questions about our training rides, please contact our Training Director

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Helmets are required for all riders.

  2. No earbuds or headphones

  3. No Aero bars

  4. No flashing lights

  5. SDBC assumes NO responsibility or liability for your safety. See Implied Consent below.

Photo courtesy of IronString Photography

Photo courtesy of IronString Photography

Implied Consent

When you ride with SDBC, you are giving your implied consent that you are assuming all responsibility and liability for your safety.

IMPLIED CONSENT:  I acknowledge cycling is an inherently dangerous and potentially deadly activity.  I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs, assign, personal representatives, and next of kin, release SDBC, its officers and directors, volunteers, and members for any and all liability associated with my participation in any SDBC related activity.

New Rider Orientation

Orientation for all first-time riders is at 8:15 AM in front of UC Cyclery.  If you're new to our Saturday ride, please arrive early and attend this brief orientation.  Also, please fill out this brief First Time Rider form in advance.


Vehicles should enter in the Nobel entrance, just west of I-5.  Only the Nobel entrance provides clearance for roof racks.  Park your vehicle in the large lot directly east of UC Cyclery and west of Island’s Restaurant.


  • Orientation for first-timer riders is at 8:15 AM in the patio area west of UC Cyclery

  • Brief Club Announcements

  • A Group rolls out at 8:30 AM

  • B Group rolls out right after the A Group

  • C Group - rolls out right after the B Group

  • Development Groups roll out after the C group

Please scroll down the page for a description of our Saturday Rides and Ride Routes.

The A Group Ride

The A ride is a very fast-paced 47 mile ride, mostly attended by current and former racers. The A ride does not have a required re-group, although there is somewhat of a natural re-group at Mimulus and El Montevideo after “Stud Loop”.

The ride varies from sustained tempo to a series of attacks on hills and flats.  This ride demands group riding experience and a very high level of fitness.  If you are not in top form, you can expect to be dropped during the ride.

The Strava Ride Route for the A/B ride is here.

The A Group ride rolls out at 8:30 AM


SDBC "A" ride 7/25/2015, video courtesy of Juan Cisneros

The B Group Ride

The B Group ride is he same 47 mile route as the A ride and is the core training ride for SDBC members.  An SDBC member acts as ride leader, which involves specified pace-line practice, tempo riding, and optional hill-attacks.

The overall pace is fairly high (20+ mph) and all cyclists are expected to be very competent in close-quarter riding. There are specified re-grouping spots, but riders come and go. You are responsible to know the route and for being able to return to the start/finish. The ride includes a major refreshment stop at Solana Beach Coffee Company.

The Strava Ride Route for the A/B ride is here.

The B Group ride rolls out directly after the A Group.

San Diego Bicycle Club "B" ride, Saturday 6/25/2010.

The C Group Ride

The C Group ride uses the same 47 mile route as the A, B, and D-1 rides.  It is a less demanding alternative to the B training ride for SDBC members.  An SDBC Ride Leader leads the group, which includes two-by-two tempo riding,  double rotating pace-lines, and sprint points. Except for the sprint points, the group stays together.  There are regroups after the sprints and if a red light splits the group.

The overall pace is moderately high (18+ mph,) about 1-2 mph slower than the B ride. All cyclists are expected to be very competent in close-quarter riding. There are specified re-grouping spots, but it is a drop ride.  Riders who are dropped may be picked up by the D-1 Group which follows the C Group. Each rider is responsible to know the route and for being able to return to the start/finish. The ride includes a major refreshment stop at Solana Beach Coffee Company.

The Strava Ride Route for the A/B/C ride is here.

The C Group ride rolls out directly after the B Group.



Development Group Rides

Development Group rides emphasize riding skills including close-quarter riding, pace line rotation, safety and cooperation in a peloton. Riders will be given instructions through out much of the ride and each ride has a designated Ride Leader.


D1 Group Ride

A moderately fast ride with several regrouping points. Riders should already have the rudimentary skills necessary to ride in a peloton and have experience in a rotating pace line. The D1 ride is 47 miles in length (same route as the A, B and C rides) and riders should be in good physical condition and able to maintain a speed of 16 to 18 mph.

D2 Group Ride

A brisk paced 40 mile ride that takes a hilly path off the regular SDBC route. It is a good ride for the adventurous type which uses hills to build strength.

D3 Group Ride

This is the core developmental ride of SDBC and is 35 miles long and somewhat hilly. Ideal for the those folks who have riding experience but are new to riding in packs larger than 4 or 5. The riders are given coaching throughout while speed is kept at a moderate pace between 15 and 17 mph. Time is taken at regrouping points to teach the rider many of the skills necessary to ride safely in a peloton as well as practice in a rotating paceline.

D4 Group Ride

At 24 miles long, the D-4 ride follows the first 10 miles of the more advanced D-3 course but at a slower pace. The ride then heads west to the coast and, at mile 14, a short break at Solana Beach Coffee Company, an SDBC sponsor, where coffee, smoothies, and snacks can be purchased. Leaving Solana Beach Coffee Company the ride heads south and returns to the starting point.

The course terrain does have a number of shorter climbs plus the longer and more challenging Torrey Pines grade. Riders should have the appropriate fitness and ability to stay with the group. While on the hills, D-4 cyclists should have the ability to climb the hills without dismounting and walking their bikes to the top.

Coaching is provided and is tailored to the ride participants. It sometimes includes how do a single rotating paceline.

This ride is appropriate for cyclists:

  • with no group riding experience.

  • who have group riding experience but who are concerned about riding close to other cyclists.

  • looking for tips on getting the most out of their bikes, such as gear selection and other useful information.

  • who are experienced riders rehabbing an injury or who want a slower-paced ride.

If you have questions about the D-4 ride please talk to any of SDBC’s ride leaders the morning of the ride.

A/B Group Ride

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