D5 Ride Leader Wanted


Wanted: SDBC members committed to making the cycling world a better, safer place. The Club is looking for leaders for our beginner's D-5 ride. This is an 8-12 mile ride on Saturday mornings composed of cyclists who know how to pedal and mostly stay upright on their bikes. These cyclists are slow and not strong enough to ride with our D-4's, however, they have a heart for riding and are looking for instruction and mentoring.

While SDBC is a racing club and remains focused on racing, San Diego has come to look on SDBC as one of the top cycling organizations in the region. We need a corps of three or four cyclists who will rotate the D-5 leadership. During the summer we have D-5 riders on most Saturdays; during the rest of the year D-5 ridership is intermittent. On those Saturday's where no D-5 rider shows up, leaders are free to do whatever ride they chose.

If we cannot recruit three or four new leaders we will disband the D-5 ride. To volunteer please contact Mike McLaughlin, SDBC Training Director, at training@sdbc.org.


Mike McLaughlin

Training Director


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