Volunteers Needed for Boulevard Road Race

The UCSD Cycling Team is proud to announce the 2014 Boulevard Road Race. This is the largest and most successful race in the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference and also one of the largest in the entire country. The proceeds from this race almost entirely fund our race season and allow us to foster the talent of many collegiate cyclists.

We request that volunteers please notify Drew Lawyer (this years race director) at boulevardroadrace@gmail.com Remember that by volunteering, you are not just helping to make Boulevard run smoothly but are also giving back to the community by making a significant contribution to the UCSD Cycling Team's season and continued success.

If you plan to also race Boulevard, that is fantastic, and we are will accommodate that in your volunteer schedule so that you can do both. We will need volunteers at all times of the day, but the heaviest demand is in the early morning and morning while the collegiate fields are racing and many of our team mates will be kicking off their season.

Drew Lawyer and the UCSD Cycling Team



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